"Led by the versatile reedist Brian Krock and conducted by Miho Hazama, this 18-piece ensemble works by stealth and swarm and accrual. The suspenseful, layered music can sound like migration in motion or a wisp of twisting smoke. And if you’re looking for musical-historical references, there are plenty — from progressive metal to Carnatic music to late-20th-century Western classical."

-Giovanni Russonello, New York Times (2018)

"Big Heart Machine's self-titled album is one hell of a debut."

-Anthony Dean-Harris, Nextbop (2018)

"The brainchild of leader, composer, and multireed specialist Brian Krock, the 18-piece Big Heart Machine orchestra delivers wave after wave of intense, complex, and heart-thumping music on its eponymously titled premiere release."

-Mel Minter, Musically Speaking (2018)

"Krock is [committed] to making something genuinely fresh out of an old band format... listen to catch the rest of [his] plot, it’s bursting with left field ideas.​​"

-S. Victor Aaron, Something Else Reviews (2018)

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