Fulfilling this commission turned out to be somewhat problematic for me. After weeks of unproductive ‘composing’ (aka sitting at my desk, pencil in hand, doing nothing), I remembered this tune that I sketched out almost a year ago. I had written it the day after Kenny Wheeler passed away, as an homage to his pervasive personal style but also as a compositional challenge- to write a simple jazz song (which is much more challenging than it may seem). I had intended it as a big band piece in the style of his album Music for Large and Small Ensembles from 1990, but never got around to completing it. Now was my chance to do that.

I think I basically failed in writing a simple tune. It’s actually pretty complicated. So my next challenge was to make this piece fun for theses young adults to play. I tried to remember what it felt like to play jazz in high school. What were the pieces in jazz band that got me excited all those years ago? I wanted this to be one of those charts! I guess we’ll see how successful I was in that venture during the concert...

Big Wheelie [Score and Parts]


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