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Glow On [McAdoo]

Glow On [McAdoo]


My arrangement of Molly McAdoo's gorgeous song, "Glow On." This is a great flugelhorn feature, and playable by any college ensemble and advanced high school jazz band.



WW1: Alto Saxophone, Flute

WW2: Alto Saxophone, Alto Flute

WW3: Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet

WW4: Tenor Saxophone, Flute

WW5: Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet

Trumpet 1 (bucket mute)

Trumpet 2 (bucket mute)

Trumpet 3 (solo)

Trumpet 4 (bucket mute)

Trombone 1 (bucket mute)

Trombone 2 (bucket mute)

Trombone 3 (solo)

Bass Trombone (bucket mute)

Guitar (Freeze pedal, loop/delay capabilities)


Upright Bass

Drum Set



Approx. 8'45''